Guyana Tour Blog

Inverhaugh normally tour in the Spring, but in 2012, the tour was in the Summer to Guyana - original home of Bart SIngh and Fazal Karim.  The tour group was about 30 people, 16 of them players (as you can see below) - this is the story....


Day 1 – 27th July - Arrival

After our overnight flights from Canada and USA, most of

the group arrived at the airport at the same time,

and progressed through customs together.  There was a

Guyanese breakfast waiting for us at Lotus Resturant,

thanks to Bobby Deonarine and Sew Shivnarine for

arranging this.  Then we boarded our buses, and ours,

driven by Boston, took some detours in Herstelling on

the way to Georgetown



Day 2 – 28th July – Everest Match


Saturday dawned and Vince went to the gym for an early

morning workout, where he found a couple doing some

‘unusual exercises’!  The rest of the group had no such

stimulation to overcame our lethargy, but some

excellent salt fish and bakes for breakfast helped,

before we headed for Everest.


Everest Scorecard


Day 3 – 29th July – Berbice Juniors at Albion


 We arose before 6.00 in order

to consume breakfast and be on

the coach at 7.00.  This was almost

managed in the allotted time, and

we headed for Berbice and the

Albion Cricket Club, crossing the

river courtesy of the BBC (Berbice

Bridge Company).  


Berbice Juniors Scorecard


Day 4 – 30th July – Santa Mission and Arrowpoint Resort


 An early start for the team at 7.00 AM,

and we picked up some other folks and

drove across Georgetown to the landing

stage on the Demerara River.  Then took

to boats and went 17 miles up the river

into the rainforest.  The creek led to the

Santa Mission (Amerindian Village) were

we were given a guided tour and followed

that with an afternoon at Arrowpoint

Resort where we walked in the rainforest

(some excellent leaves for soothing

insect bites) then canoes back down the

river. I missed another highlight as

Debbie had chose high-heeled sandals

for her forest walk, along with

immaculately painted nails –



Day 5 – 31st July – West Demerara Masters at Everest



Team breakfast was at 7.00 instead of

6.00 (grateful thanks from the non-players

and players alike) then we headed in to

Georgetown, where we wandered through

St George’s Cathedral (the largest

wooden building in the world) which

was very impressive.  Then we had a

side trip through some historic colonial

style buildings (High Court etc) and ended

up at Stabroek market


West Demerara Masters Scorecard


Day 6 – 1st August – Tour to Kaiteur and Orindiuk Falls


Rain started in the night and was still falling

at breakfast as the golfing group (Fazal,

Jayne, Bart, Jan, Jerry and Angela) departed

for Lusignan Golf Club with worried faces.  

They managed to play despite the conditions,

where any North American course would have

been closed.  They were assisted by barefoot

caddies (in contrast to Jayne’s new designer

golf shoes, which suffered from the water),

and wrapped up the day with lunch prepared

by the Club Secretary’s mother. They

presented several gifts to the club, as well as

the story of Jerry taking 35 strokes at one hole

– which the club is now considering

renaming in his honour!  

The Kaiteur group (Vince, Nigel, Guru,

Cynthia, Roy, Sandra, John and Karen)

arrived at Ogle airport 



Day 7 – 2nd August – East Demerara Masters at Everest

It was damp again in the morning

although the rain intensity was not

as heavy as yesterday’s downpour,

but the forecast was not good.  The

team boarded the bus at 8.30 and

we went to visit the National

Stadium at Providence (courtesy of

‘Reddo’ Debydial) where we walked

onto the field  - the ground was nice

and very well drained.  We got to

Everest on time for our 11.00 start

but the state of the ground was not

good (very waterlogged).  First of

all we waited, and some of us took

a walk along the beach and after a further inspection we tried to clear it up – I personally shifted 15 US gallons of water but made no difference.



East Demerara Masters Scorecard


Day 8 – 3rd August – Heading Home

I’m afraid it was an early start for the

USA contingent, as they left at 5.30 to

catch their 8.00 AM fight.  As the

Canadian’s we had a later start, with

the bus due at 7.00 – although we had

to call Boston to make sure it was

coming at around 7.10.  This was a

slight stress for some of us, but a relief

for Lino who had not had an alarm call

from the hotel, and was steaming

when she did get her stuff to the front.